Vice-President Ms Ng Yeen Seen on Education Material That Enhances Stereotyping
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

As moderate and peace loving Malaysian, CENBET expressed concerns over any form of religious and/or racial stereotyping being promoted in school. This recent incident as exposed via social media warrants concern from the relevant authorities because if the case was genuine but left unchecked, the younger generation will be seriously misguided into accepting racial and religious stereotyping as justified and allowed.

Not every person with a Chinese name is a Taoist or Buddhist believer, not every person with an Indian name is a Hindu and for that matter not every person with a Muslim name or Christian name is a Muslim or a Christian.

Our society has no space for such stereotyping and such unhealthy approach of educating our next generation should be evaluated.                        

We live in an era where cross culture interactions are cherished. We should not, on the one hand, praise Shila Amzah (for singing Mandarin songs) or David Teo (for making Malay movies), but on the other hand, accept such stereotypes in classrooms. 

The Education Ministry also needs to be more stringent in vetting the material used in schools. Gatekeepers whether at the Ministry or school levels must ensure that material that enhances stereotyping do not get slipped past.

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