MMO - Choose pro-moderation, good governance candidates in GE14, voters urged
Saturday, January 06, 2018
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 6 — A think tank has called on Malaysians to choose wisely in the 14th general elections (GE14) and reject candidates who has a history of race-baiting and questionable track record on transparency.

In its new year message, Centre for A Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) predicted that race-baiting will intensify as the country heads into the next polls, and similarly with unethical or unlawful practices to enhance some candidates’ odds of winning.

“As the country heads to the polls that must be called in 2018, we call upon the voters to choose only candidates who stand for moderation and good governance, regardless of political affiliation.

“These are values Cenbet holds dearly to. Candidates with a history of race-baiting or with questionable track record on transparency should be rejected outright,” it said.

The group said Malaysia is at a crossroad and cannot afford for bigots to continue fanning hatred and tear this country apart, as evident by much damaged that it said has been inflicted by politicians who “play to the gallery for short-term gains”.

It also said that the country has witnessed one financial scandal after another, and those implicated in such cases must be booted in GE14, leaving only those committed to transparency and good governance.

“Elections are only held once every five years. It is the sacred duty of each voter to be discerning and to choose wisely at the ballot box,” it said.

“The wrong choice may see the country descend down the path of racial and religious extremism and


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