Co-President Gan Ping Sieu on the Trip by the Police Top Brass to Turkey
Friday, February 15, 2019
The police must come clean on the privately-sponsored official trip to Turkey led by the Inspector-General of Police, to learn about ways to combat online gaming. The trip has invited public suspicion on the intentions and motives of the sponsorship, more so as it involves not just the IGP but many other top cops.

It is the police's duties to fight online gaming and the force should not be incentivized to do so from a company or statutory board that stands to gain when the illegal activity is curbed. This goes against good governance which we promote. This is a matter of transparency and accountability. If enforcement by government agencies is influenced by big corporations, then who is to stand up for victims of petty theft and house break-ins?

The public has the right to know why such sponsorship is given and the police need to allay suspicion about conflict of interest. This need is even more pressing considering the force being a key law enforcement agency in the country. There are also questions about why a study trip would require 18 senior members of the force and the supposed high costs involved. Two Cabinet Ministers' contradictory clarification had also muddled the whole issue.

Moving forward, the government should regulate non-charitable and permitted CSR sponsorships by the private sector, statutory board or individuals, especially if the benefactors are public office bearers. This will help allay public suspicion of collusion amongst the private sector or statutory board, government servants and government agencies.

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