Co-President Gan Ping Sieu On The Appointment Of The New MACC Chief Commissioner
Tuesday, June 04, 2019
It is time to elevate the status of MACC for it to be recognised under the Federal Constitution, with its commissioners appointed after royal assent. This will lend enhanced credibility to the anti-graft body and mitigate against Executive interference in the body's operations.

If implemented, this will make the MACC equivalent with institutions like the Elections Commission. This will also demonstrate the government's commitment in battling graft and promoting good governance - ideals which we promote.

In line with the Federal government's aspirations to weeding out corruption and pushing for institutional reforms, it should urgently start the ball rolling on Constitutional amendments towards this end. This will help ensure that the MACC is not constrained by budgetary or administrative issues or whims of political masters.

In the past, the MACC had suffered from a trust deficit, with allegations of political interference, especially involving high-profile cases. Institutional reforms such as elevating the status of the MACC and a more stringent appointment process of its commissioners can help the body regain public trust.

On the appointment of Latheefa Koya as the new MACC chief, we recognise her track record as a vocal lawyer and a staunch human rights defender. We congratulate her for quitting from PKR to take up this new appointment. This is indeed the right move to preserve the independence of the MACC. We also hope that her past political affiliation will not compromise her professionalism in battling corruption which is a major scourge in this country.

We also hope that senior commissioners and the rank-and-file at MACC will carry on the good work Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull started and take the institution to greater heights.

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