Vice-President Ng Yeen Seen On Proposal Of New Rape Law By PKR Senator
Thursday, August 01, 2019
CENBET is appalled by PKR Senator Mohd Imran Abd Hamid 's views that men have to be protected from being seduced into committing rape.

This statement is an insult to men, to the Dewan Negara, and to all women. An MP with such a twisted view is unfit to be a member of the August house, and to play a role in the good governance of this country.

Political parties have to accept some of the blame for endorsing those who are out of touch with society. This particular politician made uncalled for remarks about attire of athletes when he was a member of the Lower House in 2015, and yet he was appointed a Senator.

A rational man will not blame women for his own weakness. Numerous scientific findings have shown that rapes cases have nothing to do with how a victim is dressed. Rape cases often stemmed from a perpetrator's desire to exert power over his victims. Many rape cases, including incest, were committed by those known to the victims, including relatives. So, Mohd Imran's views does not hold water, is misogynistic and detached from reality.

Malaysian men do not need a law to ensure that they behave properly.

We cannot accept that the Senator places the blame for rape, molestation, incest, porn and otherwise on the victim. In fact it is the perpetrator who must take responsibility for their own actions.

Such preposterous stance taken by a legislator is toxic and obnoxious to the core. We must condemn this. He needs to retract the statement apologize to everyone, failing which the Senate should censure him.


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