Centre For A Better Tomorrow

Laying the foundation for a better Malaysia

Malaysia is at a crossroad. There are questions whether this country is heading in the right direction, as it deals with challenges and issues amid the changing political landscape. As far as CENBET is concerned, the country needs to stay the course by going back to the founding principles of this country. It is with this in mind that CENBET has made these its main causes:

Agree to disagree

"Genuine differences and honest debates are not signs of disunity. They are a vital component in the growth of a proud and moderate nation"

Gan Ping Sieu - CENBET Co-President

What we should teach our children

"Let's teach our children that our nation needs willing acceptance, deeper unity and better understanding. Teach them that there's no place in our heart and mind for hate prejudice and bigotry."

Dato' Lim Chee Wee - CENBET Co-President

Cherish it before it's too late

"Some countries lie broken because their citizens are disunited. Malaysia should never go down that path"

Tan Sri Dr T. Marimuthu - CENBET Deputy President

No Choice

"Without moderation we shall all perish and Malaysia is doomed"

Ng Yeen Seen - CENBET Vice-President

Level the playing field

"Fighting graft is about giving everyone a fair chance. A corruption-free social provides us all with equal opportunity"

Low Eng Tack - CENBET Committee member