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Moderation, Transparency & Good Governance

As Malaysia develops at pace, we ponder if we are heading in the right direction. Like any developing nation, we are not exempt from growing pains. As the political and socio-economic landscape evolves, new issues and challenges will arise as well.

At CENBET, we believe that the answers and solutions lie in the founding principles of this country – moderation, transparency and good governance. These three values should act as a moral compass every time we reach a crossroad. Decisions, big or small, should be guided by these principles.

As such, we are committed to laying the foundation for a better Malaysia by being a proponent of moderation, transparency and good governance. We will continue to speak out for the better good and actively try to get the message across to all Malaysians, including the political, economic and community leaders and the masses.

Executive Council

Gan Ping Sieu


Gan Ping Sieu is a lawyer by training and had served as the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports from 2010-2013. He was also an MCA vice-president and is known to be vocal on many public interest issues.

Dato’ Lim Chee Wee


Dato’ Lim Chee Wee, is an ex-president of the Malaysian Bar Council. He graduated from University of New South Wales with a LLB degree and B. Commerce (Accounting) degree. He is an active advocate of human rights. He also sits in the National Unity Consultative Council.

Tan Sri Dr T. Marimuthu

Deputy President

Tan Sri Dr T. Marimuthu was a former Deputy Agriculture Minister (1994-1995) and has served as a Senator ( 1996-2002). He led an illustrious career in education, having served as Deputy Dean in Universiti Malaya’s Education Faculty and an education consultant for UNESCO and World Bank. He is now an Adjunct Professor at Asia-e-University.

Dato' Simon Lim Seng Chai


Dato’ Simon is Managing Partner at Gan & Zul. A firm believer in educating, sharing and giving, he has been invited to deliver many talks at local and international forums. Dato’ Simon has been a colourful leader since university days and has served numerous NGOs ever since he became a lawyer. His compassion for public affairs saw him appointed as a political secretary to the Minister of Transport, Malaysia from 2009 to 2010. A Physics graduate from University of Malaya, Dato’ Simon continued his LLB studies at University of London and read his Master in Law at University of Malaya. Adding feathers to his hat, he is also A Barrister at Law of Lincoln’s Inn, UK, a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK and Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, a qualified panel mediator and an arbitrator of AIAC, Malaysia.

Ng Yeen Seen


Yeen Seen is the Senior Vice President/ Chief Strategy & Programme Officer at the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) and the Senior Director at the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS). An Accounting graduate of Cardiff University, UK, she holds a postgraduate degree in Education Policy from Warwick University, UK. In 2011, she was selected as a National Youth Icon by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. She also sits in the Technical Committee for the National Wage Council, under the Human Resources Ministry. Yeen Seen has attended various fellowship programmes overseas and has facilitated in numerous socio-economic as well as political conferences locally and abroad.

Cindy Khaw

Committee member

Cindy Khaw is a practising lawyer with great interest in social work and affairs. She is also involved in helping underprivileged children.

Low Eng Tack

Committee member

Low Eng Tack is a management consultant by profession. He is also president of the National United Youth Movement (GBBM), an influential grassroots youth movement with 25,000 members nationwide. He also serves as Vice-President of the Malaysian Youth Council since 2010.

Board of Governors


Tan Sri Clement Hii


Dato Simon Lim Seng Chai

Chong Cheng Hai

Management Team